Gelmini Cav. Nello Spa presents itself as the ideal partner able to project and carry out integrated equipment solutions oh highest level in different sectors: from the industrial to the hospital sector, from tourist and leisure sector to the service sector, the volume retailing sector and civil sector.

-Cooling, heating, air-conditioning and freezing equipments.
-Air and ventilation systems.
-Freezing equipments for industrial processings.
-Special equipments in operating theatres, clean rooms, Medical Research p and technological premises and Database Elaboration centres (CED)
-Equipments for steam production, monitoring and storage .
-Equipments for the distribution, monitoring and storage of medical, natural and processing gases.
-Manual,dry, humid and inert gas working automatic firefighting equipments.
-Pressurezation firefighting plants.
-Water sanitary equipments and treatment water equipments.
-Equipments for swimming pools, aquariums and aquatic parks.
-Equipments for the production, distribution and storage of compressed air.
- Thermoacoustic insulation.