Gelmini Cav. Nello Spa has been providing for many years all-round solutions in the health field management plants such as hospitals, research centres and rsa, industrial, manufacturing, business and tertiary plants, following the marketing demand for an increase of the outsourcing to third specialized companies for the activities not directly related to one’s business sphere. This process allows our customers to be able to rely on more agile and efficient companies, concentrated on their main activity, leaving the management of their building in safe hands. This is the only way, by the use of innovative techniques, computerized tools and highly specialized personnel,

to keep the plants efficient and lasting, guaranteeing the operational efficacy of the facilities and of the personnel working in them.

- Management and operation of mechanical installations

- Management and operation of electrical and special installations

- Energy service and heat management

- Energy requalification of installations and buildings

- Events preparation and assistance