In a world where we have to plan and implement systems and plants with a low environmental impact, with reduced atmospheric conditions and limited consumption, the Gemini Cav. Nello SpA offers the most developed technological solutions to guarantee the energy necessary in every situation from cogeneration to trigeneration, to systems for production of thermal energy, refrigeration and alternative electrical sources.

-Systems of cogeneration and trigeneration for the simultaneaous production of electrical, thermal and refrigerant energy from a single source.

-Plants, networks, and substations for district heating and air conditioning.

-Plants and networks for distribution of energy produced from combustible alternatives and renewable sources.

-Closed circuit geothermic plants with vertical and hortizontal probes.

-Open circuit geothermic plants with sampling and relaunching in water table.

-Thermal solar plants for heating and cooling.

-Solar panel systems for production of electric energy.

-Biomass plants.