In more than 50 years of activity, Gelmini Cav. Nello SpA has become one of the leading Italian companies in the fields of mechanical, electric and energetic plant engenering as well as of Facility Management. This important result was obtained, step after step, by means of reaching important goals which, across the years aided the growth, consolidation and consolidation of the company. Constant attention to clients needs and a continuous search for solutions and engineeringi projects ever increasingly innovative, allowed Gelmini Cav. Nello SpA to develope a highly specialised know how capable of guaranteeing a 'keys in hand' service at the highest level of efficiency and quality . Gelmini Cav. Nello SpA developes, makes and manages complex engineering projects, working also as General Contractor or in Project Financing, in all the sectors of technological plant development, from the industrial to the medical hospital construction- to tourism and free time facilities to commercial building, services and finally residential building.

A constant search for innovative solutions capable of optimizing resources and of rendering more confortable the environments, represents the true company mission and in view of the new problems regarding Energy saving Gelmini Cav. Nello Spa has clearly taken position on the environments side, proposing engineering solutions that combine perfectly technology and nature.